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Use video games to make your kids go outside
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How does it work ?

Play Outside is an online app that allows parents to get their children to go out, giving them motivation and purpose through rewards in their favourite video games !

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Create and easily link Parent and Child accounts

Create a challenge

The parent suggests a challenge to his child, to realise within a given time span

Meet the challenge

The child takes up the challenge, followed in real time by his parent who can validate the achievement

Get rewards

Each achieved challenge gives points from the parent to the child, these points can be traded with rewards in the Play Outside Shop


Frequently Asked Questions

Play Outside offers many possibilities for parents and children, here is the questions we're asked most of the time and their answers.

How to link two accounts ?

Each Child account has a numerical code available in his personnal space, the parent just has to go to his own (on the webapp or the mobile app) and to enter his child's mail and the code into the "My children" section. A parent can have several children and vice versa.

How to create a ramble ?

The parent just has to connect to his personnal space and go to the "Map" section to use the Ramble Creator.

Is it possible for a parent to see the rewards available to his children ?

At all time a parent can see and manage the available rewards for his children in the shop, and filter the displayed games.

How does the point system work ?

The parent buy points from their personnal space. When a challenge is achieved his child, a given amount of points is transfered from the parent's account to his child's account. Then the child is able to trade these points for rewards in his favourite video games in the Play Outside Shop.

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